Upcoming SCP Network Gatherings

    Spring 2008 Gathering

    When:    April 21-23, 2008 (Mon-Wed)

    Where:   Herl'any, Slovakia (http://www.tourist-channel.sk/herlany/indexen.html)

    Cost:      1100 Sk (€ 33)/person (double occupancy) or 1700 Sk (€ 50)/person (single occupancy)

    Topic:     "Prologue to Movements: How God is setting the stage for CPM's in Central/Eastern Europe"


    Overview: Thirty minutes east of Kosice, Herl'any (known for its cold water geyser) will be the site for our SCPN Spring 2008 Gathering. See directions below. The topic for this conference is "Prologue to Movements: How God is setting the stage for CPM's in Central/Eastern Europe," where participants will be able to share and discuss specific instances and/or trends of how God is moving toward SCP in this region.


    Papers: Most of our time together will be spent in group discussions, the basis of which will be papers that participants are invited to submit beforehand. Only papers that have been submitted will be discussed. Therefore, each participant is invited to submit a paper in connection to the given topic.


    The deadline for submitting the above is April 1st. All submissions will be reviewed by the panel organizing the conference and allotted an appropriate amount of time for discussion during the conference sessions.


    Essential Information:

  • Register for the conference by emailing both Doug Stoner and John Wilson (click here)
  • Plan to arrive between 3-5pm on Monday, and depart around 3pm on Wednesday. There will also be an optional golf and/or bowling "pre-Gathering" activity starting at 10am on Monday. (See below)
  • Registration Deadline = March 15, 2007 (340 Sk/€10 penalty for late registration)
  • Registration fee must be paid in local currency
  • Families are welcome!
  • Bring your own bath towel (Slovak towels typically are not much larger than hand-towels)
  • Internet access will not be available at the facility


    Contact Info:

    Doug Stoner (Lodging/Activities Coordinator)

    e-mail: dtstoner@gmail.com

    mobile: (+421) 949-536-823

    John Wilson (Papers/Program Coordinator)

    e-mail: johnwilson99@yahoo.com

    mobile: (+36) 30-662-0707



    Herl'any is a small town located about a half hour east of Kosice. It has a nice countryside for walks but no malls. It does have a small grocery store. Activities and shopping would be in Kosice.


    Travel to Kosice can be by car or plane (KSC is the airport code). SkyEurope and Czech Airlines fly to Kosice. Please let Doug know if you are coming by plane so he can arrange your pick up.


    Directions by car: Google Earth coordinates ("Herl'any" lat=48.7994143, lon=21.478666)

    From Kosice, take E50 east 16km to Road 576

    Take Road 576 north through Bidovce and continue about 8 km to sign to Herl'any.

    Take left and go into Herµany and turn right at the gate into the geyser facilities.

    Go to the end of the road to the larger building at the end. You are there.



    Lodging facilities have double rooms and the double occupancy rate will be 1100 Sk (€ 33) per person for food and lodging. Single occupancy rate (single in a double room) will be 1700 Sk (€ 50) for food and lodging. For families, three person rooms and one apartment is available for 4 people (at the same double occupancy rate). Please let us know if you have a room mate preference or if you want to have a whole room by yourself. Facilities must be paid in Slovak crowns. Slovak crowns can easily be obtained at Bankomats or exchange facilities while on the Kosice square Tuesday night.


    Tuesday night:

    We will go to a restaurant with traditional Slovak food. Cost for dinner will be about 250 Sk (€ 8). Afterwards Tricia and I will give a guided tour of the Kosice town square. We will finish with coffee, cakes, and ice cream at our famous Aida restaurant on the square.


    Optional activities on Monday before the conference (please contact Doug if interested):


    Golf: Kosice has a 9 hole golf course called Alpinka, which is northwest of the city about 6 km. Fees for 18 holes are 800 Sk (24 euro). April weather is very unpredictable and we could have beautiful weather or snow. See picture of course. If anyone is interested, tee off would be at 10:00 am. Please contact Doug for more information and directions.

    Bowling: We will go bowling in Kosice from 12-2pm with pizza at the bowling alley for lunch. Cost is 640 Sk (€ 19) for our whole group (we will split it depending on the number of bowlers). Pizzas are about 130 Sk (€ 4). Please contact Doug for more information and directions.


    map of herlany